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Never „Cast Lead“ again, Israel mordet erneut in GAZA


Es ist unerträglich wie die Leute Fussball feiern wärend Israel die völkerechtswidrig eingeschlossenen Menschen in Gaza zerbombt.

„GRAPHIC: Bloody aftermath of Israeli airstrikes, Khan Younis, Gaza“

A Ministry of Health spokesperson said that a total of 23 Palestinians have been killed and another 122 injured in Israeli airstrikes.“

„Reports coming 3 Generations of the Hamad family have been killed in Northern Gaza. Hafiz Hamad, his mother, his father, his wife, and 2 of his sons.
Are you just going to watch and stay silent or join us to stand up against Israel’s massacre?!“

Just lost their beloved ones who were massacred by terrorist Zionist occupation forces airstrikes in Gaza today, 8 July 2014.

„Ranin Abd Elghafour, the latest child to be killed by in the latest attack on

Blood suckers,
11 Palestinians were killed including children and 80 injuries following terrorist Zionist Occupation forces airstrike during the fast few hours today in Gaza, 8 July 2014.

They are Palestinians,
This is the type of terrorists the fascist Zionist occupation forces are targeting in Gaza…7 Palestinians were killed in this airstrike an hour ago mostly children, the airstrike targeted a house of Kaware family, just a normal house like any of yours, the only difference is that the house is owned and inhabited by Palestinians, it doesn’t matter whether they are children, women, elders, youth, its all the same for them, Palestinians, 8 July 2014.

Funny how BBC News always describes Israel as ‚responding‘ to Palestinian attacks. Palestinians are never ‚responding‘ to Israel, are they?


Syrien, Obama bewaffnet weiterhin Al-Kaida:

Zitat: “ …The groups include the Syrian Rebel Front, and the Hazm Movement, both active in neighboring Idlib province, as well as the Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria….“

Read more:
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

According to Ministry of Health, 150 Palestinian injured, 23 Palestinians killed“

In the past hour I’ve seen enough blood and smelt enough burned flesh for a life time!

Half an hour ago there was a family, now they’re all dead, all 6 of them. Just a new massacre added to the Zionist wall of shame.

„Names of those killed so far in Gaza campaign – this list has expanded to 32 h/t „“>„#URGENT: targeting the „European Gaza Hospital“ led to heavy damage in the hospital


„Israeli assault on Gaza kills 23, wounds 130“

Und die Hasbara des isrelischen Regimes. Klasse , absolout entlarvend.


„>why the children ?
Gaza children need your voice now ,let’s stop Israeli war against the Palestinian civilians .“

„Israeli airstrikes pound Gaza overnight, death toll climbs“

„Eight children killed as Israeli warplanes relentlessly bomb Gaza – photos“:

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