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Foua and Kafarya: latest updates on villages under NATO/Saudi mercenaries‘ assault


In Gaza

Embedded image permalink *Ahmed Tabara, who Twitter feed „Kafarya Alfoua“ reports was killed by NATO-backed terrorists in their assault on Kafarya and Foua in northern Syria

Al Masdar News reported on Aug 31 that „Al-Qaeda affiliates – led by Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army’s 2nd Battalion of the 101st Division“ attacked Foua and Kafarya, as well as „the National Defense Forces’ (NDF) controlled villages of Al-Suwaghiyah, Tal Al-Khirbat, and Deir Al-Zughab in this area just north of Idlib City.“ The report noted:

„On Sunday afternoon, the Jaysh Al-Fateh militants – led by Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham – finally broke-through the National Defense Forces’ frontline positions at the village of Al-Suwaghiyah after fierce clashes with the aforementioned civilian militia; this led to the NDF’s withdrawal to Tal Khirbat and Al-Sughawiyah’s  complete capture by the Al-Qaeda affiliates before nightfall dissipated the clashes.

Despite their success on Sunday, the armed combatants from Jaysh Al-Fateh…

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